Definition of elastic limit in English:

elastic limit


  • The maximum extent to which a solid may be stretched without permanent alteration of size or shape.

    ‘A guitar string, when stretched within its elastic limits, obeys the wave equation.’
    • ‘It sought to ascertain the elastic limit, or maximum stress that such materials could sustain without damage.’
    • ‘This test provides the elastic limit, elongation, yield point, yield strength, tensile strength, and the reduction in area.’
    • ‘This means that provided the pipe is not bent beyond its elastic limit, it will return to its original shape after the bending force has been removed.’
    • ‘It also did not increase as might be expected for an elastic polymer reaching its elastic limit.’


elastic limit

/əˈlastik/ /əˈlæstɪk/ /ēˈlastik ˈlimit/ /iˈlæstɪk ˈlɪmɪt/