Definition of elastic modulus in English:

elastic modulus

Pronunciation /əˈlastik/ /əˈlæstɪk/ /ēˈlastik ˈmäjələs/ /iˈlæstɪk ˈmɑdʒələs/


  • The ratio of the force exerted upon a substance or body to the resultant deformation.

    ‘A linear statics analysis, for example, will require an elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio and perhaps a density for each material.’
    • ‘But like the body waves, surface waves give ratios of elastic moduli to density.’
    • ‘The instantaneous and equilibrium elastic moduli and the apparent viscosity of the cell were significantly decreased by hypoosmotic stress, but were unchanged by hyperosmotic stress.’
    • ‘The advantage of the new approach is that the elastic modulus associated with shear waves varies greatly between different types of tissue.’
    • ‘With this nanometer-scale indenter, a dynamic elastic modulus of 0.021 MPa was obtained.’