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  • (of a garment or part of a garment) made with rubber thread or tape and able to be stretched easily.

    ‘ski pants with elasticated waist’
    • ‘If you do walk away trailing elasticated gum, it's worse, and a tough cleaning job.’
    • ‘A useful tip for making up squid and mackerel sandwich baits is to take a spool of elasticated cotton with you and use it to tie the head of the squid to the line above the eye of the hook before inserting the hook.’
    • ‘Women with sensible bobs grinned despite their elasticated skirts.’
    • ‘Some elasticated cotton or fine copper rigging wire can help with the bait presentation.’
    • ‘Finally there are some interesting outfits, which I can only describe as large dungarees, with an elasticated waist, made of water proof material.’
    • ‘The elasticated waist - complemented by a humble little belt - adds an element of chic to the suit.’
    • ‘Flopped before the telly, we slowly expand to fill out the elasticated waist of our new training pants.’
    • ‘If it was a half-slip, you probably rolled it up a few times at the elasticated waist and made a mental note to check it again in about an hour.’
    • ‘With ageless patch pockets, elasticated cuffs and waist band, this is a must.’
    • ‘Putting my fingers under the elasticated waist I ease them down over his narrow hips.’
    • ‘Several trials demonstrate that acupuncture can help, and some hospitals give patients Sea Bands, elasticated wrist bands originally aimed at preventing sea sickness.’
    • ‘Adults and children alike braved rides at the funfair, which included a 75 foot high bungee capsule, propelling riders skywards on elasticated cables.’
    • ‘There's the different lengths to consider, the thickness of the material, whether or not the sock is plain or ribbed, or if it has a band around the top, or is slightly elasticated.’
    • ‘With two zipped pockets for your goodies and a low cut collar to stop suffocation of the body, this breathable body warmer flatters the body with a slim fit and elasticated drawcord back hem.’
    • ‘When I put the chinos on I found they had an elasticated waistband.’
    • ‘One of them reached out and tried to grab a shopping bag containing a purse from her basket but was prevented by an elasticated strap with hooks, which was designed to hold it down.’
    • ‘I rush inside and tear off an elasticated corner from the sheet Sam burned, then grab a small tapestry-covered square cushion from the settee.’
    • ‘My wife, who thinks about these things, ensured my daughter was wearing her elasticated shorts, so she could mange her bathroom visits unaided.’
    • ‘He wore a black balaclava, black waterproof jacket and jogging bottoms with elasticated ankles and light blue trainers with moulded grey soles.’
    • ‘As if choosing a fabric wasn't problematic enough, just think about whether to opt for hems that are ruched, tied with a drawstring or elasticated?’
    stretchy, stretchable, springy, flexible, pliant, pliable, supple, yielding, rubbery, elasticized, plastic, recoiling, resilient, bouncy



/əˈlastəˌkādəd/ /əˈlæstəˌkeɪdəd/