Definition of Elastoplast in English:



mass nounTrademark
  • Adhesive sticking plaster for covering cuts and wounds.

    • ‘Anyway, Elastoplast's bandages release silver ion into the wound fluid, apparently reducing infection risks and accelerating healing.’
    • ‘The healthcare company has recently got rid of the low-margin products, such as Elastoplast, with which it is most associated.’
    • ‘Spectacles held together with Elastoplast and a curry-smeared tie helped round out the character, as did a pair of greying slacks and lilac shirt that clashed violently.’
    • ‘So, after lunch with mum I dragged Andrew out onto the driveway to poke around inside it and see if he could fix the problem which, with the help of some long-nose pliers and a strip of Elastoplast, he did.’
    • ‘Any chance of a couple of Elastoplasts over here?’
    • ‘Dad joked that she looked like a big strip of Elastoplast.’
    • ‘What is needed is radical surgery - all we're being offered is Elastoplast.’
    • ‘To prevent blisters while on a march use Elastoplast sticky tape.’
    • ‘These are all laudable proposals, but I feel you are attempting to use an Elastoplast to seal a gaping wound.’
    • ‘Or will they simply be patched up with a few Elastoplasts, given a packet of Disprin, and sent home to die?’
    bandage, covering, plaster, gauze, lint, compress, ligature, swathe, poultice, salve


1920s from a blend of elastic and plaster.



/ɪˈlastəplast/ /ɪˈlastəplɑːst/