Definition of elbow-to-elbow in English:



  • Very close together.

    ‘on the bank were dozens of anglers fishing elbow-to-elbow’
    • ‘Thousands of Wall Street bankers and brokers found themselves working elbow-to-elbow with their keenest rivals yesterday as firms made space available for competitors with burnt-out buildings.’
    • ‘An elbow-to-elbow, vacuum-packed dancefloor pulsated with a noisy crowd that continually caught furtive glances at themselves in the wall-to-wall mirrors.’
    • ‘Ulverstonians went elbow-to-elbow at the weekend to get a glimpse of new plans drawn-up for revamping the industrial area around the UK's shortest canal as well as town centre landmarks.’
    • ‘Five thousand mild revellers are swaying elbow-to-elbow in the Liberty Grand, a monumental, two-story semi-Victorian palace.’
    • ‘It's a delight to finally have a recording of the tune, especially when it comes elbow-to-elbow with several other songs of its calibre.’
    • ‘It certainly looked like just the right number of bodies were on hand and that a few hundred more would create an elbow-to-elbow situation.’
    • ‘The plant and ornamentation kiosks are packed elbow-to-elbow with bright-eyed garden enthusiasts.’
    • ‘But you know immediately, within the first five minutes of meeting someone, if this is somebody you think you could spend 10, 12 hours a day elbow-to-elbow with in the back of a station wagon.’
    • ‘In the security section, eight prisoners fit into a typical single-person cell, and a few cells held ten prisoners each, cramming prisoners in elbow-to-elbow with each other.’
    • ‘Cameron looked up towards the main room, filled elbow-to-elbow with drunk, sweaty teens and twenty somethings, chatting and laughing and grinding and touching.’