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  • 1 literary Old age.

    ‘Shakespeare's Claudio is told ‘Thou hast nor youth nor age’; conversely, this actor seems to have only youth and eld, with fribble in between.’
    • ‘From a dark courtyard came a sound of oaths and blows, followed by shrill screams, and, huddled upon a damp doorstep, he saw the crook-backed forms of poverty and eld.’
    • ‘Like Youth, the play appears to contain autobiographical elements, but here the subject is eld.’
    elderliness, old age, oldness, seniority, maturity, dotage, senility
    1. 1.1Former times; the past.
      ‘It was no more the withered limb of eld than my own; it was a rounded supple member, with smooth fingers…’
      • ‘For Billy Rose, at present busily revamping the theatre, it was like eld times.’



/eld/ /ɛld/


Old English ieldu, eldu, of Germanic origin; related to elder and old.