Definition of elder statesman in English:

elder statesman


  • An experienced and well-respected politician or other public figure.

    ‘he is the president everyone loves to cite as the model elder statesman’
    ‘an elder statesman of the turf’
    • ‘I try to model myself on the elder statesman of Maori in this House, and to follow the way he performs.’
    • ‘His is presumably a view of the outsider looking in-now a declared political observer, an elder statesman and senior citizen.’
    • ‘He carried on in this function as a Special Representative of the EU, while remaining influential in Spanish politics as an elder statesman.’
    • ‘He was an elder statesman and father figure who carried a burden much greater than that of film star.’
    • ‘Harrison enjoyed productive years as ex-president and became a respected elder statesman.’
    • ‘By 1914 Hardie was the revered elder statesman of the party.’
    • ‘The conflicts of the time have been forgotten as this embittered old man has been apotheosised into an elder statesman.’
    • ‘He returned to politics in 1981 as a Republican elder statesman.’
    • ‘I like being the elder statesman and the committee is almost entirely new and enthusiastic.’
    • ‘The chancellorship of the duchy of Lancaster has been used in recent centuries as a supernumerary post, often in the cabinet, for an elder statesman.’
    • ‘Both are politically conservative Republican elder statesmen.’
    • ‘Sounding more like an elder statesman than a business executive, Miyauchi is definitive.’
    • ‘He would perform his role as an elder statesman while continuing to serve the party and the government, the party officials said.’
    • ‘The 31-year-old is an elder statesman of the Celtic squad, in age, experience and achievement.’
    • ‘Kohl, after all, let's recall, was a much-revered elder statesman of the country.’
    • ‘He is the elder statesman on an up-and-coming Baltimore team.’
    • ‘An elder statesman of the Premiership now, and the league's top goalscorer, at 33 he's still approaching the top of the goalscoring charts.’
    • ‘‘It's hard to believe I'm the elder statesman,’ said Hogarth who is in the best form of his comeback season.’
    • ‘And just when it looked like the elder statesman has received every possible award, yet another one popped up.’
    • ‘Duncan Urquhart, at 32 the elder statesman of a youthful Scottish team, has yet to decide whether he'll continue after Melbourne.’


elder statesman