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nounplural noun elderberries

  • 1The bluish-black or red berry of the elder, used especially for making jelly or wine.

    ‘There were also dried berries, possibly elderberries and blueberries, and a type of root.’
    • ‘The most familiar use of the elder tree is probably that of the berries being cooked to make elderberry wine and various jams and jellies.’
    • ‘Wild fruit jellies, such as elderberry, rowanberry, sloe or crab apple, also make a great accompaniment.’
    • ‘Individual breweries add such esoteric ingredients as coriander, thyme, lemongrass, figs, bananas or elderberries to give their products a unique flavour.’
    • ‘There are no confirmed drug interactions with elderberry extract.’
    • ‘As a dietary supplement, " high anthocyanin " elderberry extracts are finding their way onto health-food stores shelves.’
    • ‘An elderberry syrup over a handmade ice cream makes for a luxurious desert, too.’
    • ‘Sugar was being added and elderberry juice being used to give colour to poor, overstretched wines.’
    • ‘Elderberry extracts are generally without side effects when taken in the suggested dosages.’
    • ‘Elderberry wine, which is alcoholic, is a traditional country product.’
    1. 1.1An elder tree or shrub.
      ‘Some popular small trees and shrubs with birds are: blueberries, elderberries, hollies, cherries, and dogwoods.’
      • ‘Red willow, arroyo willow, elderberry, and McDonald oak are present in the tree and shrub layers.’
      • ‘Each bed is edged with overlapping hoops formed from small cuttings of apple, elderberry and pear trees.’
      • ‘We have the elderberry trees on our farm entirely by accident.’
      • ‘I'm not a home brewer or wine-maker but as I gaze upon my elderberry tree, laden with blossoms and fruit, I am inspired to give it a go.’
      • ‘The adjacent habitat usually includes red alder, black elderberry, Scouler's willow, black cottonwood, red-osier dogwood, and yellow monkey flower.’
      • ‘‘We have elderberry and Nanking cherry bushes, apple and plum trees, hazelnut, walnut and butternut trees, and white pine,’ says Handeen.’
      • ‘Sambuca, which taste of licorice like Pernod, is actually flavored with flowers of the elderberry bush.’
      • ‘Prominent shrubs are swamp dogwood and elderberry.’
      • ‘With the ponds there were lots of elderberry bushes and wild rose trees.’



/ˈeldərˌberē/ /ˈɛldərˌbɛri/