Definition of eldercare in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • The care of elderly people who are unable to look after themselves.

    • ‘Total time spent providing eldercare represents the summation of time spent providing personal care and time spent providing other care.’
    • ‘Women are incredibly disadvantaged when they perform traditionally female work - childcare, housework, eldercare - unpaid within families.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the type of eldercare generally needed includes hands-on tasks such as providing transportation and going shopping rather than assisting with financial needs that might be more readily handled remotely.’
    • ‘Family variables or characteristics of the caregiver, anticipated to influence work-family conflict include time spent providing eldercare per week, marital status, and gender.’
    • ‘More specific to eldercare, Smith et al. found organizational support to be a direct predictor of work interference with eldercare.’
    • ‘Although the vast majority of contemporary couples have dual incomes, women carry a disproportionate amount of the burden of homemaking, childcare, and eldercare.’
    • ‘Therefore, they have to mix and match their schedules to attend to children, eldercare, and community responsibilities.’
    • ‘Families are wondering whether they can keep up this pace and still attend to their children and eldercare needs over time.’
    • ‘This course is free of charge to women and full bursaries are available to cover childcare, eldercare and travel costs.’
    • ‘Some companies have also begun to provide other services, including emergency eldercare and company-supported eldercare centers.’
    • ‘Perhaps women have a stronger need for emotional support from a supervisor or a greater fear that they will be negatively judged by their supervisor for any interference with work due to their eldercare responsibilities.’
    • ‘Overall, by using a large national sample of employed eldercare providers across many job categories, the present research adds strength and generalizability to the topics explored.’
    • ‘In the current eldercare crisis, our organisation offers a profoundly low-cost template: I raised half of our operating costs with two phone calls.’
    • ‘Freedman is co-chair of the state Personal Financial Planning Committee, and is a frequent speaker on eldercare topics.’
    • ‘Labor will be concentrated on eldercare services.’