Definition of elderflower in English:



  • The flower of the elder, used to make wines, cordials, and other drinks.

    as modifier ‘elderflower lemonade’
    • ‘In a bowl, combine the elderflower syrup, simple syrup, sparkling wine, d' Asti Prosecco, and violet extract.’
    • ‘Place two small scoops of the elderflower sorbet in a chilled martini glass.’
    • ‘Lena got an elderflower soda to drink, while I opted for an ecological espresso.’
    • ‘Place the gooseberries, elderflower cordial and sugar in a medium-sized pan, add enough water to cover the fruit then place on the stove and bring to the boil.’
    • ‘Place the berries in a small oven dish, sprinkle over 25g sugar and drizzle over the elderflower cordial.’
    • ‘Your party was drinking a late '80s Pomerol while you sensibly sipped an elderflower spritzer.’
    • ‘Spoon over your blueberry jam, cover with your elderflower cordial, and top with a sprig of mint.’
    • ‘Many drinkers are as likely to order an elderflower cordial as a pint of beer down at the local.’
    • ‘We order drinks, elderflower cordial for my wife, a nice cup of brain-bothering caffeine for me, and then our meals.’
    • ‘The country lanes are frothy with elderflowers.’
    • ‘It was okay though, my ice-cream was definitely charmed with the sweet aroma and light flavor of elderflower cordial, no matter how it was innocently-looking as if it had been ordinary vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘Elderflower cordial gives the gooseberries a delicate muscat flavour.’
    • ‘I settled on the pear and the waiter suggested he bring a little elderflower sorbet on the side.’
    • ‘However, there are also many new formulas employing herbs and exotic flavorings, such as elderflower syrup.’
    • ‘And so we bathe them in liqueur, toss them in ground peppercorns and douse them in elderflower syrup.’
    • ‘As he rode along the lanes, his nostrils filled with the heady scent of elderflowers, and the air was alive with stag beetles whose chunky black bodies whirred defiantly through the dusk.’
    • ‘My parents have an elderflower tree in their backyard, and occasionally my dad makes cordial from it.’
    • ‘The elderflower has a musky scent that really lifts the gooseberries - try adding it to gooseberry fool too.’
    • ‘As an afterthought we tipped in a splash of elderflower cordial, because the bottle was almost empty and we needed the fridge space… Yum!’
    • ‘I positioned my chair just so, put a couple of bottles of elderflower wine in the cooler, and spent the entire day out in the garden.’