Definition of elecampane in English:



  • A plant that has yellow daisy-like flowers with long slender petals and bitter aromatic roots that are used in herbal medicine, native to central Asia.

    Inula helenium, family Compositae

    • ‘While elecampane root is better used for a cold or cough associated with coldness, weak digestion, low energy and whitish to clear mucus discharge.’
    • ‘Roots, such as those of elecampane, were used too.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the elecampane speech and the seemingly related Turkish Knight and Turkey Champion characters occur in the Truro / Father Christmas and Irish plays, but not in the Alexander text.’
    • ‘The bottle of elecampane is also found in the Irish plays, which also have a Turkey Champion with different lines, rather than the Turkish Knight.’


Late Middle English from medieval Latin enula (from Greek helenion ‘elecampane’) + campana probably meaning ‘of the fields’ (from campus ‘field’).