Definition of electorate vote in English:

electorate vote


New Zealand
  • (in New Zealand's mixed member proportional voting system) a vote cast for a local candidate, as distinct from a separate vote for a national party or candidate.

    ‘the poll asked voters which candidate they would give their electorate vote to’
    • ‘On top of the party vote spending cap, each individual candidate can spend up to $25,000 contesting the electorate vote.’
    • ‘The electorate vote you give to the person you want to be your local representative.’
    • ‘She said it was fatal for minor parties to concentrate on the electorate vote.’
    • ‘It has 35.7 percent of the electorate vote, compared with Labour's 26.3 percent.’
    • ‘Casting an electorate vote for him improves Labour's chances of forming a government - which ought to make it a no-brainer.’
    • ‘My electorate vote is however wasted on any other candidate than the PM.’
    • ‘He turned down his ranking as the last cabinet minister, pinning all his hopes on the electorate vote.’
    • ‘Labour won it on the electorate vote!’
    • ‘Eight per cent were undecided on who they would give their party vote to, down 3 points from the previous poll, while 14 percent were undecided on their electorate vote, down 2 points.’
    • ‘They will no longer comply with any nod-wink arrangement that requires they cast their electorate vote for the ACT candidate for National's greater good.’