Definition of Electra complex in English:

Electra complex


  • Old-fashioned term for the Oedipus complex as manifested in young girls.

    • ‘Moreover, Glen's mother suffered from an Electra complex that ranged from extreme love, to extreme hatred, of her own father.’
    • ‘This wacky Canadian, who both wrote and directed this lurid spin on the Electra complex, cast his daughter in the lead role.’
    • ‘Her desire to get her father's attention with lipstick is characteristic of the Electra complex she has for him.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, poor sad Cynthia is so caught up in her Electra complex that she can't see the incest for the sleaze.’


Electra complex

/ɪˈlɛktrə ˌkɒmplɛks/