Definition of electress in English:



historicalusually as title
  • The wife of a German elector.

    • ‘This secured the crown for Princess Sophia, the electress of Hanover, who was James I's granddaughter.’
    • ‘Friedrich August's consort was the Archduchess Maria Josefa, elder daughter of Emperor Josef I, sister of the Bavarian electress Maria Amalia and first cousin of the Empress Maria Theresia.’
    • ‘The Hanoverians, who were summoned in 1714 as the nearest Protestant heirs, were related to the Stuarts and previous British dynasties through Sophia, electress of Hanover, mother of George I and granddaughter of James VI and I.’
    • ‘Leibniz wrote to the electress to suggest that the plans for the observatory be widened to embrace an Academy of Sciences.’