Definition of electric-powered in English:


(also electrically powered)


  • Powered by electricity.

    • ‘From next year we will be able to buy the Tesla Roadster, an electric-powered sports car developed by Lotus.’
    • ‘They expect to reach speeds of up to 40 mph in their electric-powered car.’
    • ‘Swindon could become home to the first full-scale trial of a futuristic electric-powered taxi system.’
    • ‘There's one woman two doors down who works with an electric-powered cylinder mower, going for a bowling green effect.’
    • ‘Electric power reached most of the countryside in Scotland in the 1950s, and electric-powered milking machines and refrigeration transformed milk production.’
    • ‘While sales of electric-powered scooters are booming, accidents are also on the up.’
    • ‘In the mid 1950s, the company introduced the first electric-powered, three-wheeled industrial vehicles.’
    • ‘The first electric-powered dental drill was invented in 1868.’
    • ‘Expect friends and strangers alike to shower you with questions when they find your car is electric-powered and emission-free.’
    • ‘The weight of standard batteries has proved problematic in the commercialization of electric-powered cars and trucks.’
    • ‘The electric-powered lift works off of the vehicle's battery and is used with trucks, vans, and cars.’
    • ‘My mother, who depended on an electric-powered oxygen generator to breathe, woke up one night suffocating because the power had failed.’
    • ‘The first washer with an electric-powered motor was marketed in 1906, but it only washed the clothes.’
    • ‘As people were better able to get around in their own cars, they were less inclined to take the electric-powered trains into and between Utah's major cities.’
    • ‘The gates will be electric-powered.’
    • ‘A faulty electric-powered, oil-filled heater and a lack of earth bonding under the enamel bath combined to turn the metal bath taps into live electrical conductors.’
    • ‘The vehicle is equipped with regenerative braking and comes with an electrically-powered air conditioning system.’
    • ‘The Old Lane Pub had to close its doors when its electrically-powered tills stopped working.’
    • ‘Standing between the tee and the hole is an electrically-powered windmill which allows a gap of just two seconds between each sweep of its sails.’
    • ‘He was stopped and breathalysed after a policeman spotted him driving his electrically-powered scooter erratically.’
    electric-powered, powered by electricity, electrically operated, electrically powered, mains-operated, battery-operated, electrically charged