Definition of electric blue in English:

electric blue


mass noun
  • A steely or brilliant light blue.

    ‘the pot is decorated with circles of electric blue’
    as modifier ‘an electric-blue sports car’
    • ‘Out of the nasturtiums rose three wonderful electric-blue necks, each topped by an imperious Jurassic face: peacocks!’
    • ‘Beyond your balcony, is the sparkling water, where in the early morning, large manta rays bask in the sunshine and electric-blue fish dart in frenzy.’
    • ‘Though kayakers flock to the island's electric-blue waters, you can always find an empty cove to call your own.’
    • ‘At 2.45 we see a fibre-glass cistern in the water off Calheta, and under it is a vast shoal of electric-blue dorados.’
    • ‘I decided to play the hard-to-get game after all and pretended that I didn't want him anymore, but that sullen complexion, that hardened jaw, that pair of electric-blue eyes made me succumb to temptation.’
    • ‘Sandler's electric-blue suit and perpetually glazed expression become contemporarily iconic, and the film's evocation of the astonishing, alien nature of blossoming love is truly touching.’
    • ‘Farther on, something electric-blue scampers through the leaves, something neon and iridescent, and yet alive and organic - not electronic and manmade.’
    • ‘‘We know who you are,’ says a young man, his electric-blue eyes framed by dreadlocks and his septum pierced with cherry wood.’
    • ‘Drawing viewers into the first gallery, the syncopated lines of electric-blue text ran up the front and back of each spike, suffusing the room with color.’
    • ‘Her sisters had been praised and admired and stared at all their lives for their spellbinding, hypnotic electric-blue eyes.’
    • ‘Then a break in the trees reveals a deep gouge on the mountainside, a dirty, barren slope riddled with electric-blue puddles.’
    • ‘Lindel took a momentary pause as he sifted through the classroom with his electric-blue eyes for any signs of panic amongst his pupils.’
    • ‘A cozy blanket drapes your lap, electric-blue shadows flicker in the dimly lit room.’
    • ‘Brown, wearing an electric-blue suit, matching shirt and tie and blue suede boots, told jurors: ‘I'm a churchgoing man.’’
    • ‘Set against an electric-blue backdrop, dancers in sleek Lycra or black and silver tutus stretched their technique and confidence to the limits - but succeeded.’
    • ‘It may just have been the electric-blue paintwork, but a lot of pedestrians stopped to watch me go by.’
    • ‘The electric blue light was once again awakened.’
    • ‘We stared at streaks of electric blue light highlighting breaking waves.’
    • ‘He halfheartedly poked the control pad, which lit up electric blue.’
    • ‘The walls of this room are a bright electric blue and black and white abstract art pieces are hung all over.’


electric blue