Definition of electric eel in English:

electric eel


  • A large eel-like freshwater fish of South America, using pulses of electricity to kill prey, to assist in navigation, and for defence.

    Electrophorus electricus, the only member of the family Electrophoridae

    • ‘Pink dolphins frolic in the waters beside meter-long giant Amazonian turtles, 400-pound pirarucus - the world's largest freshwater fish; endangered Amazonian manatees swim with black caiman and electric eels.’
    • ‘An added attraction will be the ‘Aqua Show’ from Chennai with sea lions and electric eels and exotic fish.’
    • ‘Describing a canoe trip through the remote Napo River system in Ecuador, she notes that: Piranha fish live in the lakes, and electric eels.’
    • ‘In the Amazon, for example, you could run into an angry mob of electric eels, which can discharge up to 600 volts into the water, enough to stop a weak heart.’
    • ‘The Romans used electric eels to shock such people.’
    • ‘He points out that there is evidence that electric eels were used to numb an area of pain, or to anaesthetize it for medical treatment.’
    • ‘In one case it was discovered that they used the electrical charge of the Malapterusus electricus, a close relative of the electric eel, to cure certain kinds of pain.’
    • ‘We dared friends to touch the gleaming ball at the Children's Museum that set your hair on end; wowed at the electric eel discharging itself in the aquarium.’
    • ‘The images of the electric eel and the popping tangle of seaweed convey something of the speed and surprisingness of William's mind.’
    • ‘However, he likened it more to having taken a hold of an electric eel, for she seem to crackle with energy, even though she made no moment or sound.’
    • ‘I noticed he was holding her at arm's length, ostensibly trying to get a look at her, though with the subtly of someone holding an electric eel.’
    • ‘Rich touches upon life as if it were an electric eel, both organic and shocking.’
    • ‘Some missions pit you against a giant something - jellyfish, fly, electric eel.’


electric eel