Definition of electric fence in English:

electric fence


  • A fence through which an electric current can be passed, giving an electric shock to any person or animal touching it.

    • ‘The electric fence should be high voltage, low amperage, so that no harm can be done to any animal or person.’
    • ‘This procedure had merit; but conventional fencing costs, even electric fences or suspension fences with widely spaced posts, made it an economically questionable practice outside the research arena.’
    • ‘We were running up and down shouting and calling, pulling at gates, knocking on metal fences, even trying to short-circuit electric fences to set off alarms.’
    • ‘This woman had a friend hook up a power pack from an electric fence to the windshield wiper.’
    • ‘It has a five-metre high wall, streams and a moat with an electric fence to ensure the animals do not wade on to the visitors' side or injure themselves.’
    • ‘After all, we have razor wire, an electric fence, burglar bars, floodlights, buzzers and our faithful Maltese, Bonzo - all generously paid for by our loyal taxpayers.’
    • ‘Kolesch says unlike the full mesh wall of regular fences that line the highway, the electric fence is just several strands with some electrified wires that pulsate on contact.’
    • ‘There were rows of razor wire, electric fences, guard towers and searchlights.’
    • ‘Police believe the thieves cut their way through barbed wire and electric fences from the grounds of Pitsea tip.’
    • ‘One is a low-voltage electric fence around the perimeter of your garden.’
    • ‘The security is immense, with rolls of barbed wire and an electric fence.’
    • ‘They are capable of short-circuiting an electric fence by charging at it as a group.’
    • ‘The Houses of Parliament are to be protected from terrorist attack by electric fences, roadblocks and a boom barrage in the Thames, according to a leaked report.’
    • ‘While barbed-wire or electric fences are cheaper and easier to maintain, hunters on horseback would rather jump a hedge.’
    • ‘Fred uses portable electric fences to move the cattle to fresh feed daily.’
    • ‘Thieves snatched the miniature pony after breaking through a padlocked gate and disconnecting an electric fence leading to a paddock in Bourton.’
    • ‘One problem is that elephants are not just big, but smart - they can knock down regular fences, and figure out how to disable electric fences.’
    • ‘A movable electric fence can be used to keep the animals in the targeted area.’
    • ‘The electric fence works by delivering a short sharp shock to the animal through the fence wire.’
    • ‘They also move about unrestrained by razor wire, searchlights, locks or electric fences.’


electric fence