Definition of electric field in English:

electric field


  • A region around a charged particle or object within which a force would be exerted on other charged particles or objects.

    • ‘Likewise, Faraday thought that electric fields somehow manipulated charged particles with ghostly hands.’
    • ‘Electrically charged particles have electric fields around them as a result of their charge.’
    • ‘This lattice can trap the neutral atoms in potential wells because the electric fields of the lasers induce a dipole moment in the atom.’
    • ‘An electric field propagates and repels electrons on the opposite plate making it positively charged.’
    • ‘Ferroelectric materials can create an electric field the way iron magnets create a magnetic field.’
    • ‘In a strong electric field, free electrons can be accelerated onto its inner surface.’
    • ‘At the end of the trap, electric fields focus the ions into the heart of an electrostatic mirror.’
    • ‘The relationships between changing magnetic and electric fields are summarized in the well-known Maxwell's equations.’
    • ‘Because the particles are electrically charged, electric fields can be used to accelerate them, just as the gravitational field accelerates a falling apple.’
    • ‘The laser's strong electric field forces a pair of electrons from a two-atom molecule, leaving two lone ions behind.’
    • ‘The ability of the sensor to completely transfer charge depends on the electric field strength between regions.’
    • ‘The electrons ejected in the direction of the electric field polarization of the laser light pulse are detected.’
    • ‘This charge-shift couples with an electric field within a cell membrane, resulting in electrochromism.’
    • ‘The positively and negatively charged ions cause an electric field to form.’
    • ‘Since it is the electric field which causes the motion of charged particles, there can be no current inside the shell either.’
    • ‘Electricity flowing in a conductor (a wire) generates both a magnetic field and an electric field.’
    • ‘Switching off the electric field allows the ions to drop onto the silicon, where they bond to the surface in this pattern.’
    • ‘X rays emerge when the electrons, accelerated by a strong electric field, slam into a tungsten target.’
    • ‘In this state, any tiny protrusions in the charge front focus the electric field around them.’
    • ‘These electrons accelerate in the electric field of the wake.’