Definition of electric puha in English:

electric puha


mass nounhumorousNew Zealand
  • Cannabis, particularly when locally grown.

    ‘they spent the night smoking electric puha in the club’
    • ‘It conjured up images of hippies with names like Moon River in an all-out session involving blue Zig-Zag papers and some electric puha.’
    • ‘Maori landowners are going to end up getting this land back that's going to turn to blackberry, ragwort, tobacco weed, and electric puha.’
    • ‘I was having a nice family day when these plonkers decide it would be a good idea to sit amongst all the families and have a group session on electric puha.’
    • ‘I have lived in communities where the growing, marketing, and using of electric puha have been virtually unregulated for years.’
    • ‘He is planning a revolution, and his first proclamation is 'no more electric puha'.’
    • ‘A lot of my mates smoke this electric puha, and most of the time they are very coherent.’
    • ‘Who is going to put food on the plates of starving Northland children if the nasty government legalizes electric puha?’
    • ‘Perhaps when electric puha gets the nod, they can rename it hypocrisy.’
    • ‘That is a rather spectacularly bedazzled straw man they have constructed there—time to lay off the electric puha.’
    • ‘There are distinctive New Zealand names for cannabis, and one of the best known is electric puha.’


1980s from electric in the sense ‘producing thrilling excitement’ + puha.