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electric ray

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  • A sluggish bottom-dwelling marine ray that typically lives in shallow water and can produce an electric shock for the capture of prey and for defense.

    Also called "torpedo ray" (see torpedo)

    Family Torpedinidae: several genera, in particular Torpedo, and many species

    ‘Resting on the sand are stingrays, electric rays, frogfish and the docile Port Jackson shark.’
    • ‘We saw several species of stingray, including an electric ray brilliantly camouflaged in the sand.’
    • ‘They include things like the electric rays and the swordfishes (Pristidae).’
    • ‘Either the Pristidae, the true sawfish, come next, or the electric rays of the Torpediniformes.’
    • ‘The smallest ray is the short-nose electric ray, which is the size of a pancake - only 10 cm across and about 0.5 kg in weight.’


electric ray

/əˌlektrik ˈrā/ /əˌlɛktrɪk ˈreɪ/