Definition of electric razor in English:

electric razor


(also electric shaver)
  • An electrical device for shaving, with oscillating or rotating blades behind a metal guard.

    ‘Having tried shaving with both an electric razor and a blade, I must say that I prefer shaving with a blade simply because it feels more refreshing.’
    • ‘Hair dryers, electric razors, and the like vanish into a built-in appliance garage - the kind you might find in a kitchen.’
    • ‘The smaller ones are often used purely for toothbrushes and other little things, while the larger ones can stretch across the wall and fit the electric shaver, hair dryer, and toiletries galore.’
    • ‘The sharing of personal care items such as electric razors and razor blades can be common in prison situations.’
    • ‘I'm going to have electric outlets for electric shavers.’
    • ‘The supposed hazards of electromagnetic radiation - which is emitted from a variety of sources including overhead power lines, electric blankets, computer terminals, and electric razors - has excited the imagination of many.’
    • ‘There's nothing worse than arriving at your holiday accommodation to find out that your electric razor / hairdryer/travel iron (or whatever other electrical device you've taken with you) will not work.’
    • ‘Every generator, transformer, solenoid and motor - from power stations to car ignition coils, computers and electric shavers - relies on coatings to insulate all the copper wire in its basic construction.’
    • ‘He has been in the family business for thirty years, taking it over from his grandfather and father who had started the business when they began dealing with electric shavers in their hairdressing shop.’
    • ‘It felt a bit like an electric razor, combined with an odd pin-prick sensation.’
    • ‘Shaving, whether the astronaut uses a conventional or an electric shaver, is done much as it is on Earth.’
    • ‘Blade razors, wet/dry and electric razors are options.’
    • ‘My first whiskers were pared back by razor blades, but I switched to electric razors for five or six years during my mid-teens.’
    • ‘Women who want to remove underarm hair should use an electric razor or cream rather than a blade.’
    • ‘Zach placed the electric razor in its charger, and leaned up against the sink.’
    • ‘It pioneered medical X-rays, electric shavers, audiocassettes, and compact disks, and for years it was emblematic of European technical prowess.’
    • ‘The product is a cartridge that is used for electric shavers, the base of which is made from left over materials from the manufacture of the protective plastic caps on children's thermometers.’
    • ‘‘It's very hard to live here with the apartment, the car and the baby,’ says Khalid, who works for a company that sells electric shavers.’