Definition of electrical in English:



  • 1Concerned with, operating by, or producing electricity.

    ‘electrical appliances’
    • ‘Since when did the average boat owner need a generator to operate the boat's electrical system?’
    • ‘Many of them were young boys whose wire strings hit electrical power lines, causing short circuits.’
    • ‘The instrument operates from a standard electrical outlet and requires no calibration.’
    • ‘Another is an electrical generator to provides emergency household electricity.’
    • ‘Padraig operated an electrical appliances, radio and TV shop in Claremorris for many years.’
    • ‘Basically, LEDs are just tiny light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit.’
    • ‘An improved electrode for use in generating an electrical field in a saline solution is provided.’
    • ‘To operate any electrical equipment near a water garden, use an outdoor outlet.’
    • ‘Is the thermostat compatible with the electrical wiring found in your current unit?’
    • ‘Check connections to the electrical system to prevent low voltage and lighting problems.’
    • ‘There is a minute electrical current induced in the antenna by the radio signal it receives.’
    • ‘They also show that the thinner the wire the higher its electrical resistance is.’
    • ‘Fuel cells work by combining the fuel with oxygen from the air and using the energy liberated to drive an electrical current.’
    • ‘There are solar cell arrays on satellites, where they are used to power the electrical systems.’
    • ‘The steam is used to drive electrical generators and supply part of the energy needed to run the plant.’
    • ‘In this article, we will look at all of the equipment that brings electrical power to your home.’
    • ‘Assassins targeted him outside of his home during an electrical black-out.’
    • ‘An underground explosion in an electrical box blacked out more than 230 homes in Leigh.’
    • ‘In an electrical fire, the water may conduct the current, which can electrocute you.’
    • ‘One advantage of the inductive system is that there are no exposed electrical contacts.’
    1. 1.1(of a company or shop) manufacturing or selling electrical appliances.
      • ‘We have an electrical store there selling appliances, washing machines.’
      • ‘In fact its name sounded more like a jewellery shop than an electrical store.’
      • ‘The blast flung an air-conditioning unit and a microwave into the consulate garden from a nearby electrical shop.’
      • ‘In fact, during this period, the tramway holding companies became dominated by electrical companies.’
      • ‘The electrical contractor had to pay the bill to hand stitch it back together.’
      • ‘We went to have a look at the spring sale at the local electrical superstore later on and found ourselves coming back with a new tv.’
      • ‘Once he has completed his course the mature student will join his dad's plumbing, heating and electrical company full time.’
      • ‘He was a late developer and at the age of 27 he had to choose between a promising career with an electrical company and the game he loves.’
      • ‘There is an electrical shop just across the road where I can get the motor, bulbs and wires and it wouldn't cost much.’
      • ‘I went down to my local electrical shop to buy a bulb for our fridge.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, electrical shops were going flat out to convert more households to the TV age.’
      • ‘At present, utilities such as gas, water and electrical companies can schedule work when they want.’
      • ‘No one else is doing anything about old batteries and we're the logical drop off point as I own an electrical shop.’
      • ‘With more and more electrical shops coming on stream there is a lot of pressure on.’
      • ‘One area of opportunity for electrical contractors is urban distribution upgrades.’
      • ‘For everybody else, it is generally quickest and cheapest to employ a firm of electrical contractors to do the work.’
      • ‘It was then reversed into the side window of the electrical retail and repair shop’
      • ‘This equipment is still not available in Australian electrical stores.’
      • ‘The problem was first discovered on Monday afternoon, and an electrical contractor later inspected the buildings.’
      • ‘Mrs Taylor said her husband, a retired electrical contractor, had one drink and then ordered another but did not finish it.’


  • 1Electrical equipment or circuitry.

    • ‘The Hyderabad unit would manufacture the boiler feed pumps and Bhopal and Jhansi units would supply electricals and switchyard equipment, the release said.’
    • ‘Before that I was the sales manager with a Bombay consumer electricals company.’
    • ‘Over the past 13 years, 1,338 foreign companies, in software, hardware, electronics, electricals and engineering, made their presence felt in the state.’
    • ‘More than 2000 jobs at an electricals retailer have been saved after the company was sold to a New Zealand-based group.’
    • ‘Much of the electricals, clothing and consumer goods sectors are reporting price deflation.’
    • ‘Ensuring that this reliability is attained requires that the mechanicals and electricals of a potential storage enclosure candidate be examined and evaluated.’
    • ‘Despite the slump in the general UK retail trend, the home shopping division, which has diversified into electricals, furniture and clothing, showed an upturn in sales.’
    • ‘The store took an active promotional stance in electricals and toys over the festive period and like-for-like sales are expected to be 4% to 5% ahead.’
    • ‘I rang the home electricals department last week to ask what the biggest, fattest, most ostentatious coffee machine they had was.’
    • ‘Just when we were about to despair, a friendly man in the tea shop told us of a little electricals stall in the covered market which might just have what we were looking for.’
    • ‘Three business groups were formed to look after the motors/controllers, body panel and electricals, and market research was done in 26 states to estimate the potential.’
    • ‘‘Despite a very competitive environment in electricals, it seems that sales volumes in the market have been reasonably good,’ Charnock said.’
    • ‘The shop is still standing empty around ten years after the electricals firm moved on because the company is still tied into a lease agreement that has another seven years to run.’
    • ‘Fortunately Graham, already well versed and experienced in plumbing and electricals, is intent on becoming expert on network installation and maintenance, so we don't need to think about paying a guy to do the job for us.’
    • ‘More than 200m has been knocked off sales as a result: mostly DVDs, CDs and electricals and there's little doubt this is a loophole that's going to be closed soon.’
    • ‘The slowing housing market has been blamed in part for the national consumer caution, particularly with big-ticket items, such as white electricals and furniture.’
    • ‘Graham turned his attention to electricals today, fitting glittery new down-lighters in the hall, on the landing, and in the bathrooms.’
    • ‘It is a wonderful place - a fully functioning slice of home life parked slap in the middle of small electricals.’
    1. 1.1Shares in companies manufacturing electrical goods.
      • ‘On Tuesday, the company is due to release further details regarding the demerger of its electricals division.’
      • ‘"Consumer electricals was always going to be a tough place to be into the teeth of a consumer slowdown," an analyst said in a note.’
      • ‘Electricals were down more than 4 percent.’