Definition of electrocautery in English:



  • Cautery using a needle or other instrument that is electrically heated.

    ‘I am a new perioperative nurse who would like to know the difference between electrocautery and electrosurgery.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, other therapeutic modalities, such as cryotherapy or electrocautery, could be equally as effective as laser therapy for the treatment of endoluminal lesions.’
    • ‘As used here, the term ‘diathermy’ does not include electrocautery and electrosurgical devices or ultrasonic imaging devices.’
    • ‘Side effects of electrocautery include bleeding, airway perforation, endobronchial fire, as well as damage to the bronchoscope.’
    • ‘Due to its common application in general surgery and gastroenterology, electrocautery equipment is available in almost every operating room.’



/əˌlektrōˈkôdərē/ /əˌlɛktroʊˈkɔdəri/ /əˌlektrōˈkädərē/ /əˌlɛktroʊˈkɑdəri/