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  • The branch of chemistry that deals with the relations between electrical and chemical phenomena.

    ‘Redox reactions are central to electrochemistry because they are chemical processes that involve the flow of electrons from one chemical entity to another.’
    • ‘Matter in the state of equilibrium is studied by physical chemists specializing in chemical thermodynamics and equilibrium electrochemistry.’
    • ‘Chemisorption plays an essential role in corrosion, heterogeneous catalysis, and electrochemistry.’
    • ‘In this case there are no problems with possible damage to biological molecules due to electrochemistry on metal electrodes.’
    • ‘This larger cell enabled us to more thoroughly remove oxygen from the electrolyte yielding better electrochemistry.’
    • ‘In chemistry the most common use of the term anode occurs in electrochemistry.’
    • ‘The task of transporting electrical charges between metal-oxide and water phases is critical in such technologies as catalysis, sensors, and electrochemistry.’
    • ‘There is an atomic will towards binding and dissociation, driven by thermodynamics and electrochemistry.’
    • ‘Two-dimensional domain and island growth in thin organic or inorganic films is of great interest in such fields as microelectronics, optics, and electrochemistry.’
    • ‘He currently works for an engineering consultancy firm, in various fields involving mechanics and fluid dynamics, and is also involved with work in physiology and electrochemistry.’



/əˌlektrōˈkeməstrē/ /əˌlɛktroʊˈkɛməstri/ /ēˌlektrəˈkeməstrē/ /iˌlɛktrəˈkɛməstri/