Definition of electrochromic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈkrōmik/



See electrochromism

‘An electrolyte layer conducts ions back and forth between the electrochromic layer and an ion storage layer.’
  • ‘It's done with ‘layers of different electrochromic polymers’ and the system includes a color-matching camera and pre-visualization screen.’
  • ‘These changes reflect mainly electrochromic bandshifts of carotenoids and can be described by the following expression.’
  • ‘The relaxation of the voltage was monitored by electrochromic absorption transients of intrinsic carotenoids, and the proton flow by pH-indicating dyes.’
  • ‘Unlike the all-or-nothing solution of interior drapes, electrochromic glazing can darken and lighten gradually in response to gradually changing conditions.’