Definition of electrocoagulation in English:



mass noun
  • The coagulation of blood or other tissues by the local application of an electric current to produce concentrated heat.

    • ‘The next line of therapy involves the use of semi-invasive non-surgical modalities including electrocoagulation, sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, photocoagulation, and diathermy.’
    • ‘In control group procedures, electrocoagulation was used to transect small vessels, and knot tying was employed for the superior thyroid vessels, the thyroid vein, and some inferior arterial branches.’
    • ‘Argon plasma coagulation is a mode of noncontact electrocoagulation that has been increasingly used as an alternative to contact electrocautery and noncontact laser therapy.’
    • ‘The major modalities in electrosurgery are electrodesiccation, fulguration, electrocoagulation, and electrosection.’
    • ‘Thoracoscopic excision or destruction by electrocoagulation of the T2 and T3 sympathetic ganglia is difficult.’