Definition of electrocution in English:



mass noun
  • The injury or killing of someone by electric shock.

    ‘they switched off the power supply to avoid any risk of electrocution’
    ‘death row inmates face either electrocution or lethal injection’
    • ‘The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled electrocution unconstitutional, effectively suspending executions in the state.’
    • ‘I raced out of the kitchen, risking electrocution by attacking the television in my dripping rubber gloves.’
    • ‘To avoid electrocution, the firefighters had to back away.’
    • ‘These pylons make fishing difficult - there were signs everywhere barring anglers from casting any line that might cause accidental electrocution.’
    • ‘He witnessed the fatal electrocution of a tradesman, and saw at a very early age just how dangerous the workplace could be.’
    • ‘For instance, why is the barbarism of state-sponsored electrocution still acceptable?’
    • ‘At least 29 people were reported to have died from drowning, electrocution or disease.’
    • ‘Many homeowners are afraid to tackle electrical projects - and rightly so; improperly handled, electricity poses electrocution and fire hazards.’
    • ‘After being found guilty at trial in Dedham, they were executed by electrocution on Aug. 23, 1927.’
    • ‘Post-storm deaths around the state have been caused by electrocution, heart problems, auto accidents and heat stroke.’