Definition of electrocyte in English:



  • A modified muscle or nerve cell that generates electricity in the electric organ of certain fishes.

    • ‘The electrical organs consist of modified branchial muscle tissues which are highly modified to serve as electrocytes, miniature organic batteries.’
    • ‘The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is a ligand-gated ion channel found in the neuromuscular junction of vertebrates and the electrocytes of electric fish.’
    • ‘The electrocyte muscle-type nAChR is composed of two Î1-and one 1 -, Î-, and γ-subunils, whereas the 2 3 nAChR consists of two Î4-and three 2-subunits in the configuration of.’
    • ‘The Torpedo electrocyte model has served to identify the most important components involved in synaptic transmission.’
    • ‘The cytoplasm of the electrocyte of Electrophorus electricus possesses a meshwork of 7-nm thick filaments distributed throughout the cell.’