Definition of electroencephalograph in English:



  • A machine used for electroencephalography.

    • ‘They combine this information with data from an electroencephalograph, which measures electrical activity at the surface of the brain.’
    • ‘Symptoms include rapidly progressing dementia, psychiatric and behavioral abnormalities, and a distinctive electroencephalograph reading.’
    • ‘Sleep researchers divide up sleep time into stages, mainly defined by the electrical activity of cortical neurons represented as brain waves by an electroencephalograph.’
    • ‘Abnormalities in electroencephalograph theta and delta activity, visual evoked potentials, and brainstem evoked potentials have been reported in children exposed to molds.’
    • ‘They did all the tests: electroencephalographs, chest x-rays, a lumbar puncture.’
    • ‘Seizures were verified by behavioral observations, electroencephalograph and electromyography.’
    • ‘An electroencephalograph was used to measure the subjects' brainwaves, while researchers eyeballed the herd for visible signs of joy.’
    • ‘Once in Wisconsin, the monks were hooked up to Davidson's electroencephalograph sensors, which check for brain waves.’
    • ‘The electroencephalograph readings were observed prior to and after the event.’
    • ‘It is already known that energy created by the brain can be measured by electroencephalograph equipment.’



/ɪˌlɛktrəʊɪnˈsɛf(ə)ləɡrɑːf/ /ɪˌlɛktrəʊɪnˈkɛf(ə)ləɡrɑːf/