Definition of electrofish in English:



[with object]
  • Fish (a stretch of water) using electrocution or a weak electric field.

    as noun electrofishing ‘electrofishing and netting showed a number of small bass in different sections of the lake’
    • ‘During the 1998-1999 surveys, fishes were collected using baited minnow traps, trap nets, gill nets, backpack electrofishing units, seines, and angling to avoid size- and species-selectivity.’
    • ‘Areas upstream and downstream of the 400-m section were searched for marked fish with equal electrofishing effort (two passes with block nets).’
    • ‘After all enclosures were positioned, they were electrofished using a backpack electroshocker to attempt to remove any fish that may not have escaped during positioning.’
    • ‘Fish taken by electrofishing and angling were sampled during the prespawning (spring, summer) and spawning seasons in 1997.’
    • ‘Eighteen streams were electrofished at least once over the course of the study to determine fish community composition and catch-per-unit-effort (fish per minute).’
    • ‘Each site was electrofished in a systematic fashion beginning at the downstream margin of the section and continuing upstream to the head in the section.’
    • ‘All fish specimens were obtained by electrofishing.’
    • ‘Bitterlings were collected from the same site as the mussels by electrofishing in mid-April 1999 and kept indoors in large aquaria at the university.’
    • ‘One of the options state and federal wildlife officials are throwing around (and have tried in the past) is electrofishing.’
    • ‘The section electrofished should be of a minimum length.’
    • ‘All fish receptive to capture by two electrofishing passes within each of six sites were sampled.’
    • ‘‘If only we had some electrofishing gear ‘I said.’’
    • ‘The recent trend towards assessing fish assemblage structure has been attributed to the advent of modern pulsed-DC backpack electrofishing gear and the availability of effective multi-metric indices.’
    • ‘Boat electrofishing was also conducted at night in each major littoral habitat in a subset of 30 lakes during 1991 and 1992.’