Definition of electrogenic in English:



  • Producing a change in the electrical potential of a cell.

    • ‘As far as is known, 4 - Cl-IAA has never been examined for its ability to regulate electrogenic activity of the cell.’
    • ‘Because the pump transfers electrical charge in this way, it is said to be electrogenic.’
    • ‘For example, the transport of an added ion could be electrically neutral, resulting in no change in membrane potential, but the accumulation of the ion or a cotransported species then stimulates an electrogenic transport system.’
    • ‘The identification of rapid electrogenic steps in the GABA translocating branch of GAT1 is, therefore, one of the major findings of this work.’
    • ‘The following data on the electric conductance of F 0 were obtained in the presence of myxothiazol, to avoid the complications caused by the electrogenic and proton pumping activity of bc 1.’
    • ‘Additional relevant information about the electrogenic reactions of transporter proteins can be obtained by comparing the characteristics of these reactions at different transmembrane potentials.’
    • ‘Halorhodopsin, an electrogenic light-driven ion pump which belongs to the family of the seven-helical trans-membrane proteins, was discovered in the archaea Halobacterium salinarum.’
    • ‘In contrast, our data suggest that reactions associated with GABA translocation, although only weakly electrogenic, are fast.’
    • ‘One possible, straightforward interpretation of these results would be that the current rising phase is related to electrogenic chloride binding from the extracellular side induced by GABA to the transporter.’
    • ‘Current changes due to electrogenic Na + Ca2 + exchange activity were first demonstrated in amphibian retinal rod outer segments, and later in cardiac myocytes.’
    • ‘Periplasmic release through a narrow channel in subunit-a as well as cytoplasmic uptake through a channel formed by tightly packed c-subunits are plausible candidates for an electrogenic reaction.’
    • ‘This current reflects the summed contribution of all transmembrane ionic currents as well as electrogenic transport and other secondary transport processes in intracellular compartments.’
    • ‘The sodium-bicarbonate cotransporter carries sodium with bicarbonate in an electrogenic mode.’
    • ‘It was attributable to the electrogenic reaction in the cytochrome bc 1 complex.’