Definition of electrojet in English:



  • An intense electric current which occurs in a narrow belt in the lower ionosphere, especially in the region of strong auroral displays.

    ‘When space weather stirs up the great electric current in the sky - the auroral electrojet - the magnetic field at the surface of the Earth starts to vary.’
    • ‘The HAARP antenna as is it now configured modulates the auroral electrojet to induce ELF waves and thus could have an effect on the zonal winds.’
    • ‘The auroral electrojet index, which measures the strength of the magnetic disturbances produced by currents in the ionosphere (associated with auroras), reached peak values of more than 2,000 nanoTesla.’
    • ‘Electrojets are Hall currents carried primarily by electrons at altitudes from 100 to 150 km.’
    • ‘This auroral electrojet these authors detected was unusually rapid, associated with velocities of ~3km/s.’



/əˈlektrəˌjet/ /əˈlɛktrəˌdʒɛt/