Definition of electroless in English:



  • Relating to or denoting nickel plating using chemical means, as opposed to electroplating.

    • ‘Some of the alternatives on the market are chromium based; others include HVOF thermal spray, alloys and electroless nickel.’
    • ‘The grooved mating surface is covered by a layer of nickel having a consistent thickness, preferably by means of electroplating, sputtering, electroless plating, or as a foil.’
    • ‘The first three things that caught my eye were the beautiful stock, the chrome vanadium steel receiver finished in electroless nickel, and the rather slender, round barrel.’
    • ‘Direct electroless nickel deposition on magnesium alloys offers benefits to the conventional zincate treatment.’
    • ‘In addition, stannates work on aluminum and fluoride chemical films on magnesium as a pretreatment for electrolytic or electroless plating.’
    • ‘The pistol was refinished with an attractive electroless nickel.’
    • ‘The work involved depositing a resistive nickle-phosphorus layer using electroless plating on a copper foil.’
    • ‘The gun that came out of Devel as a Basic Combat Conversion, shortened and electroless nickeled, looked like it grew that size, but still packed a punch.’
    • ‘One solution is to plate the aluminum polygon with electroless nickel and then polish the nickel surface.’
    • ‘They also hoped histidines would produce a more evenly distributed metallic coat than can be accomplished with electroless coating.’