Definition of electrologist in English:


Pronunciation /ilekˈträləjist/ /ɪlɛkˈtrɑlədʒɪst/


  • A person trained to remove unwanted hair on the body or face or small blemishes on the skin by a method that involves the application of heat using an electric current.

    • ‘This procedure must be performed by a professional electrologist and requires weekly appointments for optimal results.’
    • ‘Look for a certified electrologist, since scarring can result from putting yourself in the wrong hands.’
    • ‘Choosing an electrologist will be the most important factor in how long completion takes, how much it costs, how comfortable treatment is, and how your skin fares.’
    • ‘To become a certified Electrologist in Manitoba, enrollment in or completion of technical training at an accredited institution is required.’



/ilekˈträləjist/ /ɪlɛkˈtrɑlədʒɪst/