Definition of electroluminescence in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • Luminescence produced electrically, especially by the application of a voltage.

    • ‘The first polymer to exhibit electroluminescence was poly p-phenylene vinylene.’
    • ‘Much of the research into red OLEDs has been directed toward overcoming concentration-quenching problems, a decrease in electroluminescence that can occur at dopant concentrations as low as 2%.’
    • ‘In the darkened second gallery were two book-like works involving electroluminescence or fiber-optic light.’
    • ‘The electroluminescence wavelength is 650 to 660 nm and describes the maximum emission at the wafer center.’
    • ‘These electroluminescence immunoassays have an analytical sensitivity of 0.01 ng/mL for cTnT.’