Definition of electrolytic cell in English:

electrolytic cell

Pronunciation /əˌlektrəˌlidik ˈsel/ /əˌlɛktrəˌlɪdɪk ˈsɛl/


  • 1A cell in which electrolysis occurs, consisting of an electrolyte through which current from an external source is passed, by a system of electrodes, in order to produce an electrochemical reaction.

    • ‘In an electrolytic cell, the power source pumps electrons into the electrode to which it is attached; that electrode is the cathode.’
    • ‘But because electrons must be supplied to the cathode by an external power source to drive this process, the cathode in an electrolytic cell has a negative charge.’
    • ‘If the new electrolytic cells are successful and replace the old cells and their consumable carbon anodes, the benefits to the aluminum industry and the environment will be tremendous.’
    • ‘Electrorefining works by running a current through an electrolyte solution via an electrolytic cell.’
    • ‘Another important use of electrolytic cells is in the electroplating of silver, gold, chromium and nickel.’
    • ‘I'll never forget our drawings of electrolytic cells.’
  • 2A cell consisting of an electrolyte, its container, and two electrodes, in which the electrochemical reaction between the electrodes and the electrolyte produces an electric current.


electrolytic cell

/əˌlektrəˌlidik ˈsel/ /əˌlɛktrəˌlɪdɪk ˈsɛl/