Definition of electrolyze in English:


(British electrolyse)

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Subject to or treat by electrolysis.

    ‘when you electrolyze water it splits into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen’
    • ‘The plan is to build several huge wind turbines that would produce electricity to electrolyse water and to liquefy the hydrogen for transport.’
    • ‘The cartridge consisting of multiple mesh electrodes arranged transversely to imposed water flow electrolyzes passing water when energized.’
    • ‘The substance being electrolyzed must be an electrolyte, a liquid that contains positive and negative ions and therefore is able to conduct electricity.’
    • ‘To electrolyze water or other non - ionic substances, an ionic substance, an electrolyte, is added to the water so that current will flow and the reaction will proceed at a relatively low voltage.’
    • ‘Then electrodes electrolyze the water to generate active oxygen and hypochlorous acid molecules, which work together to break down organic dirt and fight bacteria.’
    • ‘It is obtained commercially by electrolyzing a liquid mixture of hydrogen fluoride and potassium hydrogen fluoride.’
    • ‘In the first, the ore is converted to magnesium chloride, which is then electrolyzed.’
    • ‘Big dogs like the nuclear industry also foresee a water-based hydrogen economy, but with nuclear as the power source that electrolyzes water.’
    • ‘A fuel cell is called regenerative if it can electrolyze the by-product water back into hydrogen and oxygen.’
    • ‘The other is to use fossil fuel to generate the electricity that is required to electrolyze water and get hydrogen.’
    • ‘Water can be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen simply by running an electric current through it.’
    • ‘What gases appear when salty water is electrolysed depends on the salt concentration.’
    • ‘In the end, the central question with hydrogen is whether it is made using renewable energy to electrolyze water, or with climate-disrupting fossil fuels.’
    • ‘The water inducing system mounted in the vehicle electrolyses the water.’
    • ‘That process requires that aluminum oxide first be melted, then electrolyzed.’
    • ‘Excess power would be stored as hydrogen fuel electrolyzed from water.’
    • ‘It would be the cost effectiveness of the appliance and the energy efficiency of reforming or electrolyzing that will determine whether home refueling will make sense.’
    • ‘Each year 2000 tonnes of the gas is generated by electrolysing water.’
    • ‘Once you are able to get cheap electricity from wind, you have the option of electrolyzing water and producing hydrogen.’
    • ‘Cheap electricity from wind now offers the option of electrolysing water to produce hydrogen.’


Mid 19th century from electrolysis, on the pattern of analyse.



/əˈlektrəˌlīz/ /əˈlɛktrəˌlaɪz/