Definition of electromagnetic pulse in English:

electromagnetic pulse


  • An intense pulse of electromagnetic radiation, especially one generated by a nuclear explosion and occurring high above the earth's surface.

    • ‘But the concern about electromagnetic pulses - either from nuclear attacks or, more likely, from ‘e-bombs’ - puts a different cast on things.’
    • ‘Similarly, in a nuclear environment, electromagnetic pulses would wreak havoc on computers and networks that are not hardened.’
    • ‘The apocalypse of the technological age did not come, as some had feared, from fallout and electromagnetic pulses of a great nuclear war, but from a thought.’
    • ‘The electromagnetic pulse generated by the test led to power surges in electrical cables in Hawaii, blowing fuses, street lights, and circuit breakers.’
    • ‘They eventually traced the source of the failures to the electromagnetic pulse generated by the bombs themselves.’