Definition of electromotive in English:



  • Producing or tending to produce an electric current.

    ‘The former is driven by a transmembrane proton motive gradient, whereas the latter is driven by a sodium electromotive gradient.’
    • ‘Ions and molecules move through these induced gaps of the SC by diffusion and electromotive or electro-osmotic transport.’
    • ‘An engineer with a Harvard MBA, he'd spent his entire career working at the company's electromotive division in Chicago, a world away from GM's power center in Detroit.’
    • ‘Ion channels are selectively permeable to different classes of small ions; this is necessary for a channel to generate the electromotive forces needed for electrical signalling.’
    • ‘The second law states that the sum of electromotive forces in a loop in the network equals the sum of potential drops, or voltages across each of the resistances, in the loop.’



/əˌlektrəˈmōdiv/ /əˌlɛktrəˈmoʊdɪv/