Definition of electromyographic in English:



See electromyography

  • ‘In another study, on children with pelvic floor dyssynergia, manometric and electromyographic biofeedback produced significantly greater improvement than conventional treatment (laxatives).’
  • ‘At all end-tidal carbon dioxide pressure levels, time from onset of diaphragm electromyographic activity to inspiratory flow was similar with and without the servoventilator.’
  • ‘The diagnosis is confirmed by the tensilon test, electromyographic studies and the finding of elevated acetylcholine receptor antibodies.’
  • ‘Using this exercise protocol, electromyographic recordings taken from different muscles in addition to exercising quadriceps indicated that only the quadriceps was active during the local exercise.’
  • ‘Thermal injury is minimised by continuous suctioning of the hot plume, intermittent cool irrigation, and observing the facial nerve monitor for signs of increased electromyographic baseline potentials.’