Definition of electron-dense in English:



  • (of biological specimens) allowing the passage of few electrons, and so appearing dark in electron micrographs.

    ‘Cytoplasmic electron-dense granules, granular endoplasmic reticulum, and some Golgi complexes were present in both spindle and epithelial cells.’
    • ‘In the mutant clone, numerous electron-dense bodies were observed that are likely to be the remnants of degenerating rhabdomeres.’
    • ‘To exclude this possible interference, we used another transmission EM method that is based on the direct covalent labeling of plasmid DNA with electron-dense gold nanoparticles.’
    • ‘The acinar cells show characteristic cytoplasmic, membrane-bound, electron-dense granules that are smaller and more variable in size than the granules of normal serous cells.’
    • ‘The epithelial cells contained oval nuclei with focally clumped chromatin and one electron-dense nucleolus.’