Definition of electron diffraction in English:

electron diffraction


mass nounPhysics
  • The diffraction of a beam of electrons by atoms or molecules, used especially for determining crystal structures.

    • ‘An advantage in using electron diffraction from crystals over imaging for evaluating the effect of energy filtering is that quantitative analyses can be carried out for high-resolution data more easily and reliably.’
    • ‘That work led to their discovery of electron diffraction in 1927.’
    • ‘This is reminiscent of the two-dimensional projection Fourier map obtained experimentally by electron diffraction.’
    • ‘To this were added inter-helical distance constraints derived from intermediate-resolution electron diffraction studies to define the packing of the helical bundle.’
    • ‘This study has been undertaken to extend earlier electron diffraction work in which the M-state was trapped by a similar protocol.’