Definition of electron pair in English:

electron pair


  • 1Chemistry
    Two electrons occupying the same orbital in an atom or molecule.

    • ‘In the case of aldehydes and ketones containing carbonyl groups, the highly nucleophilic Grignard reagent contributes its electron pair to form a bond with the carbon atom.’
    • ‘The halide retains the electron pair of the carbon-halogen bond when it leaves.’
    • ‘Although in each molecule there are three hydrogen atoms bonded to the central nitrogen atom, the nitrogen atom also carries a lone electron pair.’
    • ‘The resultant bond is called a double bond, and it is symbolized by two lines connecting the atoms, where each line corresponds to an electron pair.’
    • ‘Bonds are still the result of electron pairs residing in bonding molecular orbitals.’
  • 2Physics
    An electron and a positron produced in a high-energy reaction.

    • ‘Similarly, four protons are pumped into the intramembrane space as each electron pair flows through complexes III and as four electrons are used to reduce O 2 to H 2 O in complex IV.’
    • ‘This is primarily because of stabilization of the polarization of the radical cation-hydrated electron pair in the condensed media.’
    • ‘Normal current is carried by single electrons; within superconductors the charge units are electron pairs called Cooper pairs.’
    • ‘Pairs of single nanotubes might be used in future experiments to separate the entangled electron pairs in superconductors.’
    • ‘Such entangled particles should arise from splitting isolated electron pairs, but this effect hasn't been clearly observed yet, in part because the structures are hard to make.’