Definition of electron spin resonance in English:

electron spin resonance

(also ESR)


mass nounPhysics
  • A spectroscopic method of locating electrons within the molecules of a paramagnetic substance.

    • ‘Spectroscopic methods as NMR and electron spin resonance considered thereafter are sensitive to short-range interactions and appropriate to the measurement of the molecular order and dynamics.’
    • ‘Models for the helical structure have been developed based on NMR, electron spin resonance, infrared, and circular dichroism data, as well as computer simulations.’
    • ‘This domain size range is from two to three orders of magnitude larger than that estimated from electron spin resonance and fluorescence spectroscopy experiments and from modeling.’
    • ‘From radiocarbon to luminescence, uranium-series and electron spin resonance, the results were the same.’
    • ‘The effects on lipid dynamics have been investigated by spin-label electron spin resonance spectroscopy.’