Definition of electronic music in English:

electronic music


  • Music performed using synthesizers and other electronic instruments.

    • ‘In France now, we are more into French chanson or electronic music, because rock music isn't our culture.’
    • ‘Do your old school fans lack open-mindedness when it comes to performing electronic music?’
    • ‘In my opinion, what makes a good piece of electronic music is when the music sounds like it had made itself.’
    • ‘A much fuller synthesis of experimental electronic music and hip hop is on its way.’
    • ‘He would like to devise ways of making electronic music more jammable and performable.’
    • ‘While there are plenty of women making music, there are still not enough making creative futurist electronic music.’
    • ‘Rock purists accuse electronic music of a number of sins, but none so much as the sin of soullessness.’
    • ‘That single literally changed the entire direction of electronic music at that time.’
    • ‘It's time to give electronic music a resurrection, at least for the sake of parity.’
    • ‘The second crew is there to interview her for a documentary on electronic music.’
    • ‘I knew of his music before, especially the electronic music.’
    • ‘You have for years incorporated elements of dub and African music in your work, which is rather rare in electronic music.’
    • ‘The music itself, however, is reminiscent of the great early composers of electronic music.’
    • ‘Now, I know I'm in the minority on this one, but vocals in electronic music usually annoy me.’
    • ‘My exploration of electronic music has been in reverse chronological order.’
    • ‘The reason I love electronic music is that it provides a seemingly endless forum for innovation.’
    • ‘Experimental electronic music rarely gets more interesting or more enjoyable than this.’
    • ‘Softer, less cerebral electronic music has been getting a short straw lately.’
    • ‘How can the future's predominant realisation of electronic music be so bland?’
    • ‘But it is experimental, electronic music that inspires him the most.’