Definition of electronic organizer in English:

electronic organizer

(British electronic organiser)


  • A pocket-sized computer used for storing and retrieving information such as addresses and appointments.

    • ‘Manufacturers have expanded the PDA's abilities from a simple electronic organizer into an active data path, digital camera, wireless phone and even a network-based gametoy.’
    • ‘Bluetooth is the code name for a very hot wireless technology that enables data connections between electronic devices such as desktop computers, wireless phones, electronic organizers and printers.’
    • ‘Despite more than half a decade of trying to convince consumers that a PDA is more than an electronic organiser, that's still how most people view them.’
    • ‘But the relatively small number of shares issued by the portable electronic organizer maker sent prices soaring when it debuted March 2, so the total take could be much higher.’
    • ‘It was heavy and slow, however, and it took another decade - with the arrival in 1993 of the Newton MessagePad - for the personal electronic organiser to find its own market.’
    • ‘PDA's suffer from the legacy of being regarded as glorified electronic organisers but the reality is that the market and technology for handheld computing has never been more buoyant or as exciting as it is today.’
    • ‘‘Imagine walking by your PC with your cell phone and your electronic organizer,’ says Annibaldi.’
    • ‘Nine-year-old Beth wants an electronic organiser for Christmas while her brother Michael, aged 11, is only too aware of the differences between games consoles.’
    • ‘Certainly its 1987 patents post-date the electronic organiser, which dates back to the mid-80s.’
    • ‘The company plans to begin shipping electronic organizers, or personal digital assistants this year.’
    • ‘Features such as voice command, Internet access, an extended electronic organizer, and multi-language capability make the phone attractive to people on the go.’
    • ‘A bright spot is flash memory, chips that store data when devices such as cell phones and electronic organizers are turned off.’
    • ‘Many households have at least one game console or a home computer capable of playing games - even electronic organizers and cell phones have built-in games.’
    • ‘For those of us who have thrown out those old-fashioned appointment books and are now into electronic organizers, remember to recharge your Palm Pilot before coming to Salt Lake.’
    • ‘He was reputed to always carry an electronic organiser overloaded with the names and phone numbers of a network of global contacts.’
    • ‘Like a personal fitness trainer and an electronic organiser, stress has become a badge of honour amongst busy executives who want to publicly declare themselves to be indispensable.’
    • ‘The college fan and attendee universe also skews with a bias toward import cars, hot tubs, steam cookers, espresso and cappuccino makers and electronic organizers.’
    • ‘What would happen if he were suddenly thrust into the city, forced to adapt to things like proper plumbing and electronic organizers?’
    • ‘Most of us live such intense and harried lives that we need to schedule brushing our teeth in our electronic organizers.’


electronic organizer

/ɪlɛkˌtrɒnɪk ˈɔːɡ(ə)nʌɪzə/