Definition of electronic skin in English:

electronic skin


mass noun
  • A thin layer of material containing electronic sensors that is designed to mimic some of the properties of human skin, especially its sensitivity to pressure and temperature.

    ‘in experiments, the researchers laminated electronic skin on to a prosthetic hand’
    • ‘Thanks to advances in polymer substrate, microchips, LEDs, wireless technology, and even solar cells, stretchable electronic skin appears to be nearing a practical reality.’
    • ‘Those unpleasant visits to the hospital may be a little less unpleasant for us in the near future in part due to this new electronic skin technology.’
    • ‘The beating of the heart, brain activity and muscle contraction could be monitored by this thin, electronic skin that can last about two weeks, replacing uncomfortable devices.’
    • ‘Researchers have developed a flexible sensor with the potential for integration into electronic skin.’
    • ‘Early attempts to obtain bendable electronic skin followed the flexible printed circuit board route.’
    • ‘The electronic skin is essentially a skin-like polymer that uses nanotechnology to incorporate a vast number of microscopic strain gauges.’
    • ‘The Stanford researchers used patches of the material as electronic skin on a doll-like mannequin.’
    • ‘The promise of flexible displays, solar organic cells and even organic electronic skin presents a tantalising vision of the future.’
    • ‘The new electronic skin is sensitive enough to detect a lady beetle walking across it.’
    • ‘As robots become part of our daily lives, electronic skin will be vital.’