Definition of electrooculography in English:



  • The measurement of the electrical potential between electrodes placed at points close to the eye, used to investigate eye movements especially in physiological research.

    ‘Eye movements were recorded using electro-oculography and visually observed with the aid of Frenzel lenses during both sound and pressure challenge in four patients.’
    • ‘There were similar cardiorespiratory channels to the PM unit but also two EEG channels, two electro-oculography channels, and two electromyogram channels (sensors to the anterior tibialis and genioglossus muscles).’
    • ‘In four affected members, electro-oculography demonstrated marked reduction of the Arden ration.’
    • ‘Oculography is important during clinical electroencephalography (EEG).’



/əˌlektrōˌäkyəˈläɡrəfē/ /əˌlɛktroʊˌɑkjəˈlɑɡrəfi/