Definition of electrooptic in English:



See electrooptics

  • ‘The electro-optic tracking device, a passive infra-red electro-optic sensor, is mounted on the top of the turret in a spherical housing and is controlled by an operator at a weapon control terminal.’
  • ‘Other sensors that can help detect a submarine are infrared and electro-optic sensors, which are usually mounted on the nose of the aircraft and allow it to scan a narrow arc to the front.’
  • ‘Performance and cost pressures placed on electro-optic systems will continue to increase as battlefield demands increase.’
  • ‘There has been, for example, a sustained effort to develop polymers for nonlinear optics or the electro-optic effect.’
  • ‘Here, optics (usually mirrors) are arranged so that the input beam makes several passes through the amplifier gain medium before exiting; alternatively, electro-optic switching can be used.’